Top Five Campfire Recipes

Published on Aug 15, 2022 Blog Image

Even with a full kitchen in your RV, there’s a certain undeniable charm about cooking over the open flame of a campfire on a starlit night. The possibilities of what you can make are nearly endless, but here are a few suggestions that we think you may enjoy!

BBQ Chicken Pack -

Foil packet meals are a great choice for fun campfire cooking due to their simplicity. How much simpler could it be? Just put all of your ingredients in the foil, leave it in your fire campfire coals, then enjoy! This BBQ Chicken recipe is not only ‘packed’ with protein, but it includes great flavors and colors as well from the pineapples and peppers.

Campfire Cinnamon Rollups -

Hmm… Cinnamon, sugar, and warm, toasty crescent rolls. Three simple ingredients are all you need for this recipe, and to satisfy the sweet tooth of even the fiercest camper. Is it super healthy? Maybe not. But it sure is yummy!

Campfire Bacon -

In the kitchen, on top of a spire, at a restaurant, or at a campfire… bacon is one of those items just like green eggs & ham - it doesn’t where you eat it. It’s always a great choice! With this campfire bacon recipe, you’ll learn one of the best ways to enjoy crispy, smoky bacon wherever you go on your camping adventures.

Banana Boats -

You no longer need to have the internal debate - new RV or a boat? - when you can create banana boats on your next camping adventure! This tasty, chocolatey, marshmallowy treat will sail you and your tastebuds straight to Flavortown.

Spinach Dip -

Okay, okay… We’ve had a lot of fun so far with bacon and sweet treats, but now here’s something a little healthier - and still yummy! This campfire spinach dip is vegetarian-friendly, but still packs enough flavor to satisfy everybody.

If you end up trying one of these ideas, or if you have some of your own favorite camping creations, let us know in the comments! Until then, bon appetit!