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  • Published on May 12, 2017

    It’s that time of the year again! The weather is beautiful, the days last longer, and the call of the open road grows louder and louder. Maybe you’re still in the market for an RV, or maybe yours is already fully prepared for your next departure, but it never hurts to consider future travel destinations - especially when there are so many fantastic sights to see throughout our fascinating country! Here is a selection of five gorgeous places to think about traveling to in your RV this summer.


    Yellowstone National Park


        It may be an obvious choice, but we’d be remiss to not include it. It’s famous for being the first National Park in the United States, and is even widely regarded as the first in the entire world. Being first counts for something, but there’s a reason this National Park remains in such high-esteem - it’s marvelous! At a distance of approximately 1,300 miles from St. Louis, it’s no small trek, but it’s worth the drive.


    Key West


        Key West is also approximately 1,300 miles from St. Louis, but it features a sunrise and sunset unlike any other. The tranquility and peace of Key West make it a popular spot, despite its distance from the mainland. The Travel Channel even featured Boyd’s Key West Campground as one of ‘America’s Best RV Parks’.  



    Mount Rushmore


        There are sculptures, and then there are 60-feet sculptures carved into the side of a mountain! Mount Rushmore is a true sight to behold, and the approximately 1,000 mile journey from St. Louis is well worth it to see this amazing tribute to some of the most important leaders of our country’s past.


    Grand Canyon


        So far in this guide we’ve taken you northwest, and we’ve taken you way down southeast - now let’s go to Arizona and the Grand Canyon! Approximately 1,400 miles from St. Louis, this giant natural formation averages 10 miles across and is 277 miles long - nearly ⅕ of the travel distance!


    Crater Lake


        Located approximately 2,000 miles away from St. Louis, way up in the Pacific Northwest, Crater Lake National Park is not only the farthest location on our list, but also the deepest lake in the United States, with a depth of 1,949 feet. The sheer numbers don’t do the beauty of this landmark justice however, as the pure blues of the water combine with the surrounding cliffs and islands to create stunning views.  


        There you have it! Five different locations around the United States to consider taking your RV this summer. We tried to provide a nice variety of spots, but wherever you decide to go this summer we’re sure that you’ll have a wonderful time! Happy travels!



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