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  • Published on Sep 30, 2019
    Podcasts Perfect For The Open Road

    Podcasts Perfect For The Open Road


    When you are on the road, you need something to listen to. While music, or the sound of your kids and/or significant other asking “Are we there yet?” can fill up some of the silence, there may still be times where you are left longing for something different. Thankfully we navigated the thousands of podcasts out there, and have curated a selection of podcasts just for you.


    RV Podcasts To Listen To While In Your RV


    If driving your RV on the open road just isn’t enough for you, we have a selection of podcasts that talk about all things RV, coming from people who are full- or part-time RVers themselves. Our first suggestion is the RV Miles Podcast. It’s run by a couple who travel full-time in a converted school bus with their three sons. They talk about tips and tricks for the road, gear recommendations, RV news and other RV-related topics. Next on the list is Stories from the Road. Just in case your own RVing isn't enough for you, this podcast focuses on the stories, lives and adventures of avid RVers while on the open road. It’s inspirational and gives many unique perspectives from all across the country. Our last suggestion for the RV enthusiast is a podcast called, The RV Entrepreneur. The couple that runs this podcast gives tips to help nomadic entrepreneurs live their best life, professional and personal. Although it focuses on doing these things while living in an RV, it is great for any entrepreneur with an adventurous spirit!



    Podcasts to Inspire Your Next Adventure


    Sometimes all that is in front of you is open road. You have no destination in mind, you are just enjoying the endless horizon. To help you pick your next destination and adventure, we have curated some must-listen-to podcasts. The first one on the list is Extra Pack of Peanuts. The couple that runs this podcast focuses on how to get major travel discounts and take advantage of credit card rewards and frequent flyer miles. In short, how to get on the road and start your adventure, without breaking the bank. Along the same lines is our next podcast, Zero to Travel. It focuses on the bread and butter of travel, but also the plausibility of starting a new life while on the road and abroad. Last to make our list is Our Americana. Our Americana combines both travel and storytelling by visiting small towns of America (and Canada) and tells their often-forgotten locale. Some honorable mentions in this category also include: The Budget Minded Traveler, The Dirtbag Diaries and Wild Ideas Worth Living. Trust us, they are worth the listen!


    Podcasts For Both You And The Kids


    Finding something to meet everyone’s interests is difficult enough on its own, but especially when it comes to podcasts. We did our best to recommend a few podcasts that we think both the kids and the parents will find enjoyable and educational. The first one to make our list is The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd. It follows the main character, Dr. Floyd, through all sorts of adventures trying to stop his nemesis, Dr. Steve, while learning about the people and events that shaped history. It is a fun spin on the old school radio broadcasts and super easy to get engrossed in, for both you and the kids. The next show to make the list is Stuff You Should Know. The name is pretty self-explanatory and talks about all sorts of things that you should know, like how going to the moon works, how Area 51 works, and many more interesting topics that you never knew you wanted to know about! To round out the list is a podcast that goes by the name of We Got This!. The hosts of this podcast tackle the dumb issues in life that people tend to have very strong opinions on. Think: pineapple on pizza, hotdogs or hamburgers, or even the worst font. It is both entertaining and fun and is sure to spark debate on your road trip! 


    Podcasts About Music For When You Get Bored Of Listening To It


    It’s inevitable that at some point on the open road your playlist will be over played, you’ll swear “there is no good music anymore”, or you’ll have your favorite song turn into that song that you instantly skip. To keep this from happening, try to mix in these podcasts that focus on aspects of music, such as the story behind the song, but aren’t just music themselves. The first podcast to make the list is a show called Song Exploder. It invites artists to take apart the nuts and bolts of their song and explain the creative process behind it. With artists such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, The Killers and Nine Inch Nails, there is sure to be an episode or two that will have you captivated and may very well have you convinced you could make a hit song too. The next podcast to make the list is Disgraceland. Disgraceland is a true crime podcast that dives into all of the crazy stories that all of our favorite musicians have gotten wrapped up in. Whether it be murder, suicide, religious cults or what might have really happened to Tupac, Disgraceland attempts to answer many of your questions. 


    Whatever you choose to listen to, we hope you enjoy it! All of these podcasts will leave you with knowledge that is a must have. You will learn things such as how to travel on a budget, how to have a good personal and professional life from the road, and even things like how traveling to the moon works. Whether you’re learning useful information or not, like the best Pop-Tart flavor, we hope these podcasts make your time on the open road a little more enjoyable!


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